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UPDATED April 26 Welcome to the Mood Universe, the infamous producer of extreme spanking, caning and corporal punishment films, taken to a severity you hardly won’t find anyhere else. Come in and enjoy watching beautiful young girls from Eastern Europe, receiving extremely brutal punishments on their bare bottoms, on their pussy, their breasts and all over all their poor bodies. These wonderful girls truly know how to stand a proper and extensive drubbing, some for pleasure, others for money. If you are a lovers of extreme spanking, caning and lesbian sadism, you came to the right place here! Join our Free Newsletter.

Apr 26Punished Maid

A cute maid makes the biggest mistake of her life. She is tempted by an opportunity to steal something, and she fails. The master of the house wouldnt hesitate to call the police. But the poor maid offers herself to the master: he can do to her whatever he wants, if he only doesnt call the police. The Master accepts the offer , and decides that he will punish the maid in a way she will never forget. She is whipped on her back, on her round bottom and breast, and on her pussy with various but equally painful whips. And she must even count the strokes...

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Mood Pictures - The Experiment
HDspankingf/fseverewhippingcryingtearsprisongroup punishment

We have invited twelve guests. They are told that our research company has been entrusted by the Ministry of Justice to carry out an experiment during which we are going to test an innovative method of corporal Punishment on real inmates. The group of twelve persons man terminate the execution of the punishment by a majority of votes. The is seven persons can terminate the punishment by pushing a red button. Since the pain endurance level varies by person, this is how we can ensure that every one gets their deserved punishment according to expert proposals. Will they help the poor girls by pressing the button early? Or will they enjoy their pain? How sympathetic are our guests with the convicts? Better see yourself!

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EP Castings New HD Trailer

No description available yet.

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Mood Castings Site Trailer

Preview Trailer from our Flagship Site Mood Castings, where amateur girls and women receive the caning of their life, at a minimum of 50 most severe strokes with the heavy cane. With every stroke hitting their bare bottom, they are more and more on the verge of fainting, but they take them all, one by one, like a big girl. Just to gain one of the few much sought-after actors? role at the famous Mood Pictures Studio!

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Russian Spanking - Site Trailer

Russian Spanking is the latest addition to the famous Mood Universe Network. You will hardly beleve your eyes what is happening over there in Russia! Once a?punishment started, these guys know no limits and no mercy! They won't stop beating these bitterly crying girls, until their buttocks turn black and blue!

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 57% · Hired for a punishment session
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