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Gina's First Can...


Very Severe BDSM Porn

Welcome to the Mood Universe, the infamous producer of extreme spanking, caning and corporal punishment films, taken to a severity you hardly won’t find anywhere else. Come in and enjoy watching beautiful young girls from Eastern Europe, receiving extremely brutal punishments on their bare bottoms, on their pussy, their breasts and all over all their poor bodies. These wonderful girls truly know how to stand a proper and extensive drubbing, some for pleasure, others for money. If you are a lover of extreme spanking, caning, whipping and pure sadism, you came to the right place here!

Dec 03Cards Of Pain Reloaded - DorothyAfter losing her regular Cards of Pain game, we were able to persuade Dorothy to play the RELOADED version of the same game, in which, unlike the regular version, if the player is unhappy with the card she has drawn for a turn, she may draw a new card - for 10 additional strokes.
Punished: StellaThis young chubby beauty came to our studio as soon as she turned 18. She visited our studio to receive a well deserved punishment from Dr. Lomp. She has quite an innocent looking face, and we like to see her crying in pain.
EliteClub Case 24Christina is a natural born submissive. After years of hesitation she decides to join the EliteClub. She knows very well that a new slave-girl is only accepted after she proved to be strong enough to take hard punishments. This episode shows this initial exam of the girl. She is crying real tears.
Cards Of Pain 7What sets this Cards of Pain episode apart from a usual one is that the dreaded SWITCH card shows up for the second time now.(1st time it happened in Cards of Pain 4 with Blue Angel). After two painful rounds Yasmine chose Amanda as the victim of this card, who hesitated to accept her fate.
Wheel of Pain 15Alice is taking now the challenge of our Wheel of Pain game show. The rules are as simple as ever: The player spin the wheel for the body part, and she must endure whippings of increasing numbers each round on the body part selected by the wheel. The more rounds she takes the more money she earns.
Slave TrainingYou witness a slave training session behind closed doors of the EliteClub. The first master of the club goes through the ten slave positions with the slave. If the slaves makes a mistake, she receives 5 extra whip strokes at the end of the test. Then the training continues with the pain test.
Wheel of Pain 29Zazie, after losing in Painful Duel 7 against Liv Revamp, decided to take a second chance in our pain game. This time we have our two most impressive dominas against the player: Lady Amanda and Lady Ariel. The rivalry continues among the two divas.
Cards Of Pain 10Brazilian beauty Luna Corazon visited our studio to test her endurance in our Cards of Pain game. She did not expect it to be so harsh. In this episode the feared switch card was revealed again. It was the first time for Lady Tatjana to be the victim of this special (un)lucky card.
Wheel of Pain 31Lucy lost in the very exciting Wheel of Pain 24 against Lady Ariel. Now she asked for a second chance from us so she can prove her determination. Not everybody gets this second chance from us, but we thought that Lucy definitely deserved this. Now she is against Lady Amanda.
Cards Of Pain 3After a long break Lyen returns to try herself in our new pain game. This was Mistress Tatjana's debut at ElitePain. Initially she was hesitant to cause pain to females, but in the end it turned out she can be more wicked than some other dominas.
Cards Of Pain 1We developed a new pain game and its first contestant is Lucy. In this game the player must divide 100 strokes between five of her body parts: Soles, Pussy, Tits, Bottom and Back. She wins the game and the huge prize only, if she takes all five punishments. But there is one catch.
Cards of Pain 2Our new pain game was a surprisingly huge success, so we decided to go on with this. In this gam the player must distribute 100 strokes between five body parts: bottom, back, tits, pussy and soles. She wins the game only, if she completes all five rounds. But there is one catch.
Life in the Elite Club - 20Once again we get a sneak peak into the everyday life of the secret EliteClub, the underground association of Mr. Lomp. This time we se one of the most intense session between Mr. Lomp and his new wannabe slave Naomi.
Wheel of Pain 18Another girl enters the painful game of the senseless lord Maximilian Lomp. She is not aware that she will receive the hardest whippings and canings of her life once she agrees to start our pain game.
Wheel of Pain 6The sixth episode of the most painful game show is again played with the? 'Wheel of Pain'. The player must spin for a body part and spin for an instrument (of 12 different types). In the first round she received 15 strokes, then 25, and the number of strokes increases with each round.
Wheel of Pain 20We tested this twentieth edition of Wheel of Pain with our most loyal customers and they say they have never seen anything like this before. The wheel is updated with different and very hard punishments. By request of many fans, the lovely heroine of Martial Law III is back for more whippings...
Elite Pain - Save Your FriendThis is going to be a diabolic game show series. Darcia and Zazie only need to answer 10-10 questions correctly, and they will win $5000. However there is a catch. If Zazie gives an incorrect answer, Darcia is going to be whipped. If Darcia gives an incorrect answer, Zazie is going to be punished.
Cards Of Pain 96 month ago we offered both Amanda and Ariel to fight for a 15.000 cash prize. Only Ariel was willing to participate. Since then Amanda received a lot of fan messages calling her weak and cowardly. Now she decided to show the world that she is as strong as Ariel.
Treasure Hunt - DuelThe new Treasure Hunt game became a great success, and now we publish a special episode of this game: a duel between Amanda and Ariel. After they failed in each game, we decided to give them another opportunity to win $20,000 in this special, duel format of our newest game.
Wheel of Pain 13Gigi is a long time slave in our EliteClub society, and now it is her turn to test herself in our Wheel of Pain game. She spins the wheel for the body part to be whipped. If she can take the prescribed number of strokes, then comes next round... Until she cannot take any more...
Cards Of Pain RLD - AmandaIn this third installment of the Cards of Pain spin-off series, we give Amanda a second chance to win the grand prize. This time, something unexpected happens after the first round that takes the game in a very shocking direction.
Sentenced to Corporal PunishmentTwo girls get in trouble in a foreign country with a very strict judicial system. They have to decide whether they wait for months in the dirty and dark cell for their trial, or they accept the immediate corporal punishment.
Mood Pictures - Fear8 Females and 1 Male wake up in an unknown prison. They don't know how they got there, and they don't know each other either. During the following 7 days they become subjects of a human experiment. Features the humiliation and physical pain of our most beautiful models.
The Mlgram Experiment 2The outsiders were not aware of the real point of the experiment, they thought that we were scientists, and that we were testing how punishment affects learning. This video is longer even than the first part with a running time of 135 minutes.
The Escape RoomGorgeous Lyen Parker is fooled into an Escape Room game without knowing the exact rules of the game. Actually the players learn the real point of the game not before they are in... They must accept terrible pain in exchange for keys and clues which gives them hope to escape from the imprisonment.
The ExperimentThe group of twelve persons may terminate the execution of the punishment by a majority of votes. The is seven persons can terminate the punishment by pushing a red button. Will they help the poor girls by pressing the button early?
Prisoner's DilemmaWW experimented a bit with the game theory problem which is called the 'Prisoners Dilemma'. The big question for the 2 prisoners is wether to testify against the other or not. In the final round the audience will be the jury who decides about the extra punishment.
The Milgram ExperimentWe made a real experiment based on Stanley Milgram`s works at Yale University in 1961. Four female volunteers (outsiders) were tested how cruel they are, how far they go, when their task is to punish other girls (our spankee models).
Lashville - Town of JusticeCorporal punishment is still common thanks to its autonomous status, which means that instead of federal laws the town imposes its own judicial system. Four girls are birched very hard tied to an authentic birching stool in this high budget movie of Mood Pictures.
Spanking Live on StageWe recorded this live event in the US during a show of a secret society. Three new members are joining the community, and these three girls must endure the painful entry procedure, while being watched by the other hundred. But not only these three applicants are whipped during the show.
The Milgram Experiment 4Our successful Milgram Experiment series (based on a real Yale University experiment) returns with its fourth installment. Female volunteers are tested how cruel they are, how far they go when their task is to punish another female for failing in a test. Will any of the outsiders obey?
The Milgram Experiment 3The successful Milgram Experiment series (based on a real Yale University experiment) returns with its third installment. Female volunteers are tested how cruel they are, how far they go when their task is to punish other females (our spankee models) for failing in a test.
Revenge of the Laughing GirlPoor Lori receives a hard punishment from ALL four girls. And as it should be, the last punishment - sentenced by Tippi - will be the hardest. This is the hardest video of the recent years with one of our cutest models.

Before a new model is admitted to work for the famous Elite Pain and Mood Pictures web sites, they have to go through an extensive casting session first, for testing their limits and pain threshold. The producers certainly don’t want to do a blind bargain. After the casting, the applicants are either sent home and never be seen on the Mood sites again. Or, once their bodies have recovered from the casting marks, they receive their much sought-after ticket to their first Elite Pain and Mood Pictures shooting.

Brutal Marks From AnetteThe slave is standing naked, tied to the whipping stand and his bare back looks like Lady Anette had already tormented it savagely. Now his ass comes next and Anette uses her cane to make it purple and red. She waits a few minutes for him to recover, then she repeats it several times.
Painfully FuckedThe worthless slave always manages to make the Mistress mad, but this time she had enough. The slave gets the worst punishment, a rough treatment by her biggest strapon. She takes the worthless slave's ass roughly, and keeps changing the angle and pose to make him suffer as much as possible.
He Did It, He Cleans ItMistress Artemis clicks the leash in place, then she wraps it around the slave's cage and drops her high heels. She sits down and with her now bare feet she starts jerking him off. The slave instantly feels the tension in his cock and he knows he can't hold it too long.
Mira The TriumphantMistress Mira is wearing a transparent, black top and a very short, black, latex skirt and high heels. She decides a ballbusting for the afternoon, first she starts to kick the slave's balls in high heels and later she drops them to bring more force into her kicks.
Brutally Punished At The EndMistress Tatjana tests her slave, however she already has a slight premonition, that the slave is going to fail, again. His challenge is to lay motionless on his back while Tatjana is jerking him off and withhold his orgasm until she says he can have it.
Tatjana Shows His Balls No MercyMistress Tatjana ties up the idiot slave, and punishes him with a ballbusting session. Even though he got in trouble for talking too much, the slave keeps being as loud as always, which only makes Mistress Tatjana want to kick his balls even stronger.
Ashtray Gets Saliva TooLeaning on the slave's cage, Mistress Tatjana is smoking. She is chatting not expecting responds from the caged slave, she only wants to use him as a living ashtray. When her saliva gets too thick and too much in her mouth, she spits into his mouth a good portion.
Forcefully Fucked In The AssMistress Lucy is a bit tense today, so she turns to her slave for some relief. The slave quickly finds himself in a pretty uncomfortable situation when Mistress Lucy's strapon sinks deep into his ass.
Playful Amanda On His FaceThe slave is laying on his back, waiting for his beloved and admired Mistress Amanda to torture him with her sweet presence. Amanda soon walks in and she talks to him for a few seconds before she comfortably puts her round, sexy butt on his face.
You Can't Touch My Butt!The old slave is suffering under Mistress Ariel's nice, round butt, from the uncomfortable position, the bending of his nose and the weight of Mistress Ariel, causing all of it. But then she lifts herself and she tells him that he can't touch her butt.
Velvet Boots LickingThe slave's task for today is licking the sole of her boots completely clean. The square-shaped high heels are especially difficult to clean, but the slave tries his best while Mistress Ariel keeps looking down at his disgusting dirty face.
Extra PunishmentThe slave must stay still, under Mistress Ariel, who is sitting comfortable on his face. She loves the feeling of him suffering under her and the tension in his body, when he tries to please her.
Loud ScreamsMistress Amanda wants nothing more than punishing her slave, but she is fed up with his constant screaming and his begging, so the first thing after she arrives is to pull down her panties and stuff it in to the slave's mouth. This way he can moan, but it won't be that bothersome.
Brutal ShrieksIt's very fortunate that the walls are soundproof, because the slave can't hold back his screams any longer. The pain between his legs reached the maximum and as Mistress Anette's small feet makes contact with his already sore balls, he draws a deep breath and cries out in agony.
Bruised HandsThe slave is kneeling before Mistress Ariel and he is holding out his hands like he is begging for Ariel to give him something. The leather belt descends onto the slave's sensitive palms with a loud snapping sound and his painful moan follows it immediately.
Slapped And Spitted On By TatjanaThe slave is tied, looking pathetic, especially, when Mistress Tatjana's forceful hand smacks his ugly face. His jaw hurts and his head is dizzy in a few moments, but Tatjana keeps on slapping his face left and right, spitting him too.
50 hard strokesOne girl get 50 hard strokes across her butt leaving it a mass of welts. The other two girls get a thrashing with a heavy prison-style strap.
An extra long caningAn extra long caning. Tied to the punishment bench, fully naked, for a long and hard caning. Poor girl!
Punishment of Hooch Pt. 2An excessive caning punishment for the Russian servant, for stealing money from her masters.
A Russian maid in troubleThe Russian Maid. Beautiful Russian maid gets spanked and humiliated by older guy.
Face-slapped in Russian SchoolFace-slapped in Russian School. Palm-Punishment and face slaps in a traditional Russian School.
Caning Of Her LifeYoung Russian girl is receiving the caning of her life, fully nude. Lots of tears.
Face Slapped Schoolgirls2 beautiful schoolgirls face slapped and spanked on their private parts. Most humiliating and real tears!
Caught cheating in an examShe is put over his knee with her knickers removed for a brisk bare bottom spanking and some corner time.
Stripped and tied down50 continuous strokes with a cane. The cane leaves livid welts across her white ass.
Bruised and weltedThe caning leaves her bruised and welted, in tears and with a very sore ass. She will never forget this punishment!
A Pervy PhotographerA Pervy Photographer. Naked young Russian photo model spanked by a pervy photographer.
Reddened buttocks exposed for all too seeIn a period discipline scene a servant girl has her drawers lowered and her bottom bared to be spanked on her bare buttocks in front of her irate mistress.
Russian Secretary Abused And SpankedRussian Secretary Abused And Spanked. Russian secretary at the mercy of her perverse boss. Pure humiliation!
A butt blistering spankingHe puts each of the girls over his knee and gives them a butt blistering spanking that leaves the sore and rubbing their buttocks.
Bound To The Punishment Bench For A Severe CaningTied on all fours the cane lashes repeatedly across her tender buttocks leaving livid weals.
Stroke after strokeStroke after stroke of the cane lashes across her soft white buttocks leaving a throbbing red weal.
Dec 01Fresh Girl Meet The Pain - Diana's Debut - Part 2In this part of the serial, the young girl will receive the punishment determined by a combination of the wheel of pain and Dr. Lomp's free will. She will turn the wheel herself to see on which part of her pure body is to be tormented, and the tough master will pick the instrument himself.
Nov 23Testing Petra, The New ChickHere is another hot chick for your pleasure, named Petra. Petra literally means rock, and this yummy is here to be tested if she really carries the characteristics of her name. Dr. Lomp is also eager to see if Petra is ready to handle his severe torments in the further movies.
Nov 21Hope Versus Dr LompSent by her master, Hope is here to please us. She is under immense pressure. She must obey everything on the scene and accept all the pain and humiliation without showing any resistance. There is nothing left for her, except getting the suffer like a good girl.
Renata - The Revenge - Part 1 Of 2Renata arrives at the studio for a light BDSM-glamour photo shoot. She glows the vivid happiness of young people. Sensual positions, sexy photos only she is capable of. But when she lies on the bench and the shackles lock on her wrists and ankles, the atmosphere suddenly changes.
Lilith – Testing A Spy – Part 1Fresh pussy Lilith is sent to Dr Lomp for a national secret service. Dr Lomp will push her pain limits and lead her to gain some experience about various torments. Watch and see if cute spy Lilith can prove herself in front of Dr Lomp.
Hot Bird Is Back - Natalie Gold's Return - Part 1Stunning porn star Nataly Gold decides to get back in her cage in Graias Studio, since she has missed to serve Dr Lomp, and desires to submit her perfect body to the talented master's exciting torments once again.
The Training - Part 2 Of 3Now beautiful Renata is tied to cross and whipped on her chest. She is looking into Lomp's eyes as begging his mercy. You will love to watch this beauty desperately screaming. Such a stubborn proud girl, slowly losing her honor, even accepting to kneel before Dr. Lomp.
The Beauty - Part 1I can't understand Mia. One day she says she doesn't want to come again, next time she begs me for letting her come again. Since she leads a conservative life in her private life, I believe that she longs for the role of a slave. She asked me to tie her up. Will this do? :)
Kyra - Thorny Path To SalvationDr. Lomp has got the famous single tail whip in his hand, he is continuously hitting poor Kyra's perfect butts, where at the same time, he is humiliating desperate girl, as she perfectly understand her bottom place next to Dr. Lomp. In every strike, her flesh gets another whip print.
Endless Hour - Part 1 Of 3In this movie, Nitta will receive one-hour nonstop punishment, which she really deserves and needs. As a novelty in Graias Studio, Dr Lomp will let the girl to use a sex toy, a vibrator, to get her more excited during she's receiving hard strokes on her poor slave flesh.
The Caning Of KyraThere is no real corporal punishment movie without a severe caning. The pain and humiliation hit the roof. Dr. Lomp pushes Kyra to her limits and still has the nerves to ask, if she has some reserves.
Mishelle's Punishment - Part 2 Of 2This time she starts with palm whipping. And then Dr. Lomp putts the riding crop strokes right on her nipples. Dr. Lomp is a true sadist but unfortunately Michelles is not a masochist, so you will catch her tear drops in every whip stroke falling on her helpless sole.
Recapturing Yultsi - Part 4After the last bitter experience on her tender tits, Yultsi now seems to have lost her all resistance, and ready for any further torment that Dr Lomp is to decide for her. Poor girl is constantly and hysterically weeping, even when no instrument is touching her body.
Nov 16Hot Bird Is Back - Natalie Gold S Return - Part 2In this part of the serial, Nataly will be ordered to lick and suck a big dildo in front of her, while Dr Lomp will be ready next to her, and whip her palm with a riding crop. Poor slave girl is not permitted to give up sucking the big cock even if she feels the pain deep through her veins.
Dr Lomp Tames Renata FoxDon't assume that every stubborn girl has allergy for dominance. Some of them just seek the true man to tame them. Here is the example, named Renata. She is a brat but she is eager to give away her control to Dr Lomp's experienced hands. Watch Renata properly enslaved by Dr Lomp.
Mishelle Real - Part 3Mishelle probably never thought that one day she would be enslaved, get naked, humiliated and tortured for some men's joy. Dr Lomp is taking his rattan cane in his hand, and gives command to Mishelle to take her arms back to expose her smooth boobs.
The Torture Of Women As A Tradition - Part 3In some countries according to the tradition men harshly whip their women. Mia is very desperate but she almost cracks during the go-around game. This video includes an exclusive Interview.
Methodology Of Torture - Caning - GigiLomp applies experimental work on Gigi's smooth body. This is a tutorial video prepared for you. Lomp shows you in which caning way you get your slave totally demolished. While you get your lesson, there poor Gigi just lies on bench tied, getting tormented and yelling out helpless.